What clients are saying about working in Amber’s six month 1:1 coaching program:


Before I started working with Amber, I was having trouble getting consistent paying clients. I didn’t know how to change my mindset about money, self and others.

I felt frustrated, stressed and unworthy. I was questioning my purpose.
After coaching with Amber for 6 months, I was able to let go of things/thoughts that no longer serve me. Now I have the confidence I need to obtain clients paying me in full for what I offer.
When coaching with Amber, I definitely had a mindset shift. Stepping out on my own again after a lengthy relationship was difficult but so freeing and seeing the possibilities was exactly what I needed.

Changing my mindset opened the door to my wildest dreams.

I got to know myself more & own my brilliance as a black woman entrepreneur.
I stepped into & owned my worth and knowing I am enough, and no one else defines who I am.
The best tool I learned was not worrying about what others think, feel or say; and being unapologetic about what I want, do or feel.
The most interesting thing I learned about myself is that I am truly awesome, my work matters, and my clients get results.
Amber does a deep dive & asks thought-provoking questions to get you out of your comfort zone.

She is able to ascertain what’s keeping you stuck and move you past your fears and self-sabotaging behaviors.
You really need to work with Amber.

Dr. Paris Love, CEO & founder of Paris Love Productivity Institute


Before working with Amber, I felt challenged in every area: business, relationships & spiritual well-being. When COVID-19 started, I closed down my store & moved it online.
I knew with being online, I would be showing up on video. I struggled with it because I thought there were certain rules & things you have to do to know how to talk on video.
I didn’t know which direction I should go, so I signed up for an online course for a woman’s group doing videos but even with that, I was watching them but couldn’t get myself to do it.
I felt insecure, yet I felt like I was ready to share my message with an audience bigger than the group I was in.
I was referred to Amber by my masseuse who said he knew someone who helps women feel more comfortable with speaking on video.
I thought it would be good to receive help since I do better in 1:1 situations than in groups.
When working with Amber, I found the issue went deeper than showing up on video.
Through the process, I recognized I had resentment about looking a certain way because of expectations to look good in my family in my childhood & adulthood, so I had lost my spirit.
I realized there was something deeper I hadn’t really dealt with. I was having trouble being on video because I needed to accept myself & own my spirit.
Now, after working with Amber, I’ve made the connection of fashion to my spirit & showing up on video as my authentic self – that really hit home for me.
I learned I am allowed to be vulnerable. I am allowed to talk about what I went through when I was growing up with my mom & other things in my childhood that I didn’t know were still affecting me.
I was able to dig deeper to come home to my true self so I could move forward & do the amazing things I am meant to do, like my purpose, which is to use my fashion to impact women & the challenges we have to go through — especially women who have immigrated to the United States (I moved here from Vietnam during the war.)
Now, when I go on camera, I feel comfortable & that I am enough.
That enoughness helped me to be happy in my own body & my own skin to show up as myself.
By investing in coaching on Embodied Sales Mastery, I know going forward with my life & business that confidence isn’t just about showing up – it’s about showing up as me, authentically.
-Denise Barrett, CEO & founder of Hermosa Girl
Before working with Amber, my biggest challenge was believing that I was “doing it wrong”– life, business, love, everything. And believing I had to be someone else (more tidy, less alternative, less smart, sarcastic, Black) to be successful.
It made me feel afraid and full of a lot of self-judgment. I never felt satisfied because I believed I could have done it better and there was some perfect way just out of reach. I felt like I was spinning my wheels.
Through example and holding in Embodied Sales Mastery, I had support to meet the hard places without letting them have the final word. I was allowed to be ME. I could show up big. I could use each feeling as a way to honor the honesty inside of me. I stopped suppressing and waiting for some perfect day.
Now, I have SO much more engagement on social media and people who actually quote my posts back to me! People reach out to me (for consults) without me even trying. I feel way less attached to results. My website copy reflects me and how I speak.
I earned money as a writing workshop leader and showed up for people no matter how big or small the class. I quit my soul-sucking chatbot job and went on a retreat where I mostly just slept–and when the guilt and fear showed up, I allowed them.
Through our coaching together, I found I really don’t have to wait for anything. How every feeling (anger, irritation, sadness) is only a messenger. How deeply I was conflating money with self-worth AND how possible it is for me to make money in my own unique way. I feel way less weird about money, speaking about money, honoring my unique money wealth.
Now, I see myself as a leader in my current circle. I had this deep-seated insecurity that I wanted to escape by escaping who I was, but now I see that I can value the people around me and who I am right now. This is a blessing for someone who always believed she needed to be someone and somewhere else.
In Embodied Sales Mastery, I learned how to honor my body. Checking in and breathing through the hard places with caring attention, and just always coming back to the idea that my wound is a gift. I do not need to feel good or enthusiastic to do well.
I learned more about my codependent aspects of myself and how deeply I wait for others to name me. I learned deeply about my self-doubt and how to come back to myself. I also learned to trust my vision and to see myself as a leader.
If you’re on the fence about coaching with Amber, I’d say lean into your soul story. It’s okay to need help.
Your coach doesn’t have to 100% get every single thing about you to help you catapult to a greater vision of yourself.
It’s not about you copying anyone, it’s about someone witnessing you in your ultimate star power and seducing you into this most expansive self.
Invest now and greatly reduce all the mind drama of who you thought you had to be to make big impact and big money.

-Hannah E., Writing Coach & Author, hannahoeko.com


Divorce knocks some people off their feet, but with Amber’s coaching, I used it as a catalyst for my business & personal growth, as well as healing.
With our coaching together, I went from never believing I could go past the $25k/year mark in my part-time advising to believing I am a natural saleswoman, a leader, and a 6 figure earner.
I am a very private person and don’t have any girlfriends to talk to about personal matters.
Coaching with Amber meant being vulnerable in a way I have never been before.
This meant opening up to my prospect and colleagues in smaller ways that didn’t seem as scary as it used to after sharing inside of our sessions.
I grew my business & my sales team in a matter of months in ways I have never done before — now EVERYONE at work is taking notice of me. I’m receiving recognition I knew I always deserved.
Colleagues I’ve known for a decade are seeing me bloom & wondering what my secret is. (it’s coaching with Amber!)
I honestly didn’t think I had the money at first but after Amber showed me a vision of the possibilities of being a 6 figure communicator for life after our first call, I felt determined to find a way.
I signed up for a Paypal investment plan because I decided I was worth it and it was my time to shine after 20 years of feeling invisible in a loveless marriage & a stagnant job.
The investment to coach with Amber is a drop in the bucket compared to what I’m creating for myself for a lifetime now.
– Financial Advisor in Los Angeles, CA.