What people are saying about Amber’s one hour complimentary coaching session….

My hour with Amber was amazing! She explained how the hour was going to go (very organized and structured). I literally have paid thousands of dollars for coaches in the past, Amber honed in on what I needed within 15 minutes of our conversation. Amber gets 10 stars in my book. Now I have to go and implement what we discussed. Thank you Amber.

-Paris Love, CEO of the Paris Love Productivity Institute, Professional Coach, former U.S. Army Sergeant

Amber definitely delivered! In just one hour call, I felt inherently more connected and understanding of how my complex story could be a source of strength instead of shame. I am grateful for her vulnerability, her motivation, and the way she made things I’ve been struggling with for awhile now so crystal clear.

– Hannah Eko, Author / Speaker / Writer / former U.S. Coast Guard

Amber is PHENOMENAL!!!! I learned so much in our 1 hour mentoring call. There were so many topics we discussed that were helpful and relatable from the beginning of the conversation. She gave so many genuine gems that I jotted down. I definitely walked away with more clarity after this call. Great mentor, great conversation, great advice!!!! Kudos!!!

-Tomina W., BS HR Management, CLC, RBLP-T, LSSYB

A call with Amber was eye-opening for me. I definitely needed some support in shifting out of my lack of self-confidence and playing small mindset. Amber is very relatable and she was able to help me see the drive and ambitions I have that I’ve never realized and now I have a lot to reflect on and shifting out of my old mindset. Now, I am excited to hop on a second call with Amber!

-Bailey N., Volunteering Network Lead, Hiring Our Heroes

I have never been so connected to someone who could see my heart and mind so quickly. I received clarity and a shift of spirit for what I desire for my life. I thank you for your time and making a bright outlook in such a short time. You are a powerful fierce woman and I am so grateful.

-Wanda P., Founder & CEO, Wanda’s Food for the Soul

My call with Amber was wonderful. She was so encouraging and helped me get clear about what is most important to me and about all of the possibilities that lay ahead. I highly recommend speaking with her if you’re feeling confused or lacking confidence about what comes next. She shared so much strength, energy, actionable ideas, and warm encouragement. Thank you, Amber!

-Aimee C., Quantitative & Qualitative Researcher, Duke University

I spoke with Amber about an entrepreneurial opportunity that I have and how to get past some limiting beliefs and change my mindset so I can be successful. She came prepared with a framework and structure to help me methodically work through trust was holding me back. I highly recommend Amber to anyone who wants to get straight to the point and identify actionable changes.

– Courtney W, MBA, former Army Engineer Captain, Bronze Star Medal recipient and the CEO and founder of DropZone For Veterans

Amber was amazing! She covered everything that I was needing to help myself move forward in my business. She guided me to shift my focus and increased my motivation in myself. I feel like I can breathe now. Amber, thank you!

– Monica M., DNP APRN FNPC, Founder & CEO, Maika’i Wellness Center

Amber is an extraordinary mentor. She is very thorough in gathering all the needed information, to aid in the best steps towards a successful transition.

Her ability to inspire direction, mental focus, and staying on course is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever spoken to. It is truly an honor to be mentored by such a kind and strong person.

So grateful for the opportunity to speak with her. I highly recommend Amber as a Mentor in anyone’s life transition.

-Jess N., Engineering Manager & Naturopath Student

Amber was phenomenal. She is a great listener, but has a knack for keeping up and reeling back the conversation to its core purpose. She’s able to guide you to your truth and potential. I appreciated every moment.

-Megan R., Wellness Consultant & Certified Yoga Instructor, U.S. Air Force veteran

Amber was absolutely phenomenal! She not only met my expectations but exceeded them. She gave me great feedback and some positive things I can implement immediately. I highly recommended consulting with her.

-Jana G., Health & Fitness Coach, Beachbody Instructor

Amber was an amazing mentor! She helped me find so many reasons to have confidence and showed me paths to lead me to the person I want to become. She understood everything I told her and gave great advice! I highly recommend Amber!

-Kiran Q., U.S. Navy Air Traffic Controller

I had the privilege of experiencing Amber’s embodiment classes 1:1 and in group settings.

I absolutely adore her presence, her wildness, and her sassy approach to empowering the women she works with! She is truly a powerful leader and guide. She also has such amazing humor!

Her personality is real, raw, spicy, empowering, and yet she is so sweet. I can feel her heart so deeply in her practice and it makes her impact that much more powerful.

Amber is a highly intuitive coach and she is so wise, and her guidance always so full of depth and understanding.

I highly recommend her to any woman really ready to take their career and their connection to themselves to the next level!

-Shawna S., Women’s Leader & Feminine Embodiment Coach  

Amber has great energy, she instantly made me feel comfortable. She asked thought provoking questions and provided valuable exercises to help me dive even deeper. 

– Scarlett R., Site Manager, Microsoft Military Spouse Training Program

Amber gave me great insight and asked all the right questions. Her questions lead to really addressing my passions and fears. She helped me reflect on what I really want to do and what the next steps are to get there. 

– Leslie R., Chief of Staff, Leave No Veteran Behind

Amber has really positive energy and was helpful in helping me guide my thoughts. She also had a wealth of resources to help me in areas I was needing!

– Sarah C. Learning and Development Partner, Tesla

Amber is amazing! Excellent communication skills, full of energy and outstanding feedback. I felt like she was well prepared and she helped me to stay on track as well.

– Tracey B., Director of Health Care Services, Interim Healthcare

Talking with Amber was so beneficial. Her questions and feedback allowed me to dig deeper into what I have been doing with my business and brought to light some important things I was overlooking. I really believe that in just one conversation, she has allowed me to take a step back and get out of my own way as I grow my business.

– Dr. Shani C., LAc, DACM, Owner of Root & Soul Acupuncture

No feedback box could ever hold all the thanks I want to give to Amber for her mentorship.

Amber has been incredibly generous with her time and energy to helping with looking at new perspectives on not just finding a job but in finding a meaningful career in a high impact role for companies and causes alike. 

I would recommend Amber to (anyone) looking for a holistic high impact support on their career and life’s pursuit.

– Durodgio P., Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Former National Diversity Business Partner for the U.S. Deparment of Veterans Affairs