Day 1 of Enjoying Success: Stop asking for permission


Stop asking for permission before putting your ideas out there.

In fact, stop asking for permission to do anything you want and live the way you want to live.

If you don’t ask for permission to live your life, great. However, take a moment to think about if this is something you do in every day situations unconsciously.

If you want to stop to smell the flowers, then smell the flowers. If you want to change the world, start taking steps to do things now fitting your vision for how the world can be a better place. If you want to start a blog, start one. No need to show anyone your posts beforehand.

No asking your partner, parents, friends, boss, clients…no one. Just go for it.

When I look back, the best moments of my life is when I did not ask for permission.

Starting a blog on social justice issues, taking on an internship at a local weekly paper, going out to protests to document social change, speaking with producers of two cable news networks and appearing on their shows …. I did not ask anyone beforehand. I arranged the interviews and went for it.

Back when I was featured on Al Jazeera English documentary series “Fault Lines” in 2012 speaking about the Anaheim riots

I would tell people, but never asked. I jumped at the opportunities and I loved it.

Same with travel – I did not ask anyone if it was a good idea to go to Chile, Germany and Austria solo. I just went for it, bought the tickets, made the Airbnb reservations and enjoyed the freedom of doing so.


Starting my own business as a life coach and enrolling in a feminine embodiment teacher training program? Definitely no permission needed.

Did I ask for support? Yes. Did I ask for permission to do it? No.

Think about any area of your life where you are holding back, what are you waiting for?

Sitting on an idea waiting for someone else to validate? Going somewhere and waiting for someone else to go with you? Taking a leap in your business but waiting for someone to tell you it is a good idea or partner up with you to take on the risk?

Own your ideas, own your divine creativity, own your freedom.

Allow yourself to put your ideas out into the universe and see who catches it. Allow yourself to rework your ideas after you have taken ownership of them. Allow yourself to enjoy the creative process of exploring and taking risk.

You may be surprised, it could very well be the gateway to living the life you have always wanted to live.