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I offer life coaching and embodiment mentorship for individuals who identify as women, LGBTQIA+ and/or non-binary.

In short, I can guide you through the challenges of any phase in life where you feel you need to unleash your creativity.

Whether it’s working for yourself, the corporate world or entering retirement; my purpose is to provide the resources needed to move past emotional obstacles, negative influences and inner blockages so you have the foundation to live the life of your dreams.

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My program consists of weekly phone calls to guide you through fear and worries as you play bigger with your gifts and become who you are truly meant to be.

Together, we identify inner blocks and negative influences in your life that are interfering with meeting your goals and living the life you want to live.

The tools we will use include mindfulness techniques, Amba Movement (feminine embodiment), Kundalini yoga breathing exercises, 12 Steps to Spiritual Awakening and Latin American shamanic healing practices.

My ideal clients are ready for a holistic change in their lives and willing to embrace a more deeply connected relationship with themselves to make their dreams a reality.

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