REVENGE at Cucamonga Peak!

When you climb the mountain you almost fell off of…

me cucamonga

It was 14 months ago when I slipped on the trail and suffered from a severe ankle fracture only a few miles from the top of Cucamonga Peak.

As I was suspended in the air being lifted into a helicopter, I said to myself two words: “Oh sh*t.” 😓

After the ER nurses told me it would take months to recover, I asked myself – “How the hell did I get here?” 🤔

A photo my hiking partner took of the helicopter rescue

I spent so much time on the trails, pushing myself to the limit to achieve my hiking goals – nearly 1,000 miles at that point.

There was something about the feeling of accomplishment, even if it meant taking myself to the point of self sabotage

Before sobriety, it meant drinking away the pain, discomfort, isolation and loneliness afterward.

In early sobriety, it meant continuing toxic patterns in my life without addressing the underlying feelings and healing my emotional body.

I was only three months sober when my ankle broke and ended up taking off two months of working and driving to recover.

After everything I put my body through, it became clear I needed to recover in more ways than one….

…and I did. 


The journey to another kind of recovery…


It was the third time taking this journey of 12 miles and 4,300 feet of elevation gain for me.

It felt fun, amazing, beautiful, serene, painful, frustrating, anxiety inducing, sickening – all at once – just like I remember.

This time felt so much better than any of the other times I’ve climbed peaks. I felt more connected with my body, breath, emotions, Higher Power…and to be completely honest, not so full of my own b.s.

Missed being out in the mountains – totally fine with taking another a little break from peakbagging though.😅


Rare footage of a Life Coach dancing at 8858 feet….