Day 7 of Enjoying Success: Maintaining an Intimate Relationship with Yourself


I am in a relationship with a beautiful wild woman: myself.

In the past few weeks, I enjoyed myself while:

Playing in a tree swing in an open field ⭐Riding on a rollercoaster soloDancing with snakes ⭐Playing with kitties at a cat cafe ⭐ Taking up space when walking through gardens and beaches ⭐Blowing bubbles from a treehouse overlooking a botanic garden ⭐Giving offerings from my moon cycle to the Mother Earth ⭐Bathing in rose petals and howling at the moon ⭐ Deeply connecting with myself through shamanic meditation, smoke cleansing rituals and embodiment practices

The purpose of sharing this is not to simply tell you all the cool things I’ve done, but rather exemplify: no matter what we’ve been through, we CAN access our inner joy anywhere we go – no matter what amount or for how long. We have the power within us, always.

It starts with a decision to transform, to say yes to ourselves and set our highest good as a priority above all else. I set this intention when I said yes to my recovery and yes to myself.

I keep saying yes and discovered a simple truth: we can do anything we set our minds to.

Now, I teach other women how to do the same.

We can have an intimate relationship with ourselves AND connect with others deeply.

We can experience loss, addiction, depression, anxiety, hopelessness AND we can recover.

We can be afraid AND take chances on the unknown for the greater good.

We can work AND have fun. We can achieve success AND deeply enjoy it.

If we are willing to let go of cycles no longer serving us, we can step into our new lives and become the best versions of ourselves for the world to see.

The question I wish to answer with my lifes’ work is: Cn cycle breakers end the patterns that bind us?

I say Yes. We. Can.