Day 5 of Enjoying Success: Sufficiency, Money Beliefs and Decision Making


Are you falling into old patterns of conditioning from your upbringing or stepping into your new life of sufficiency?

Making powerful decisions in the moment from a place of sufficiency is a huge part of transformation.

How often do we feel sufficient?

How does this feeling play a part in our everyday decision making about money, career, partners and friends?

Sufficiency is the feeling of having everything we need in the moment – anything additional is just icing on the cake of our personal growth.

What gets in our way of feeling we have everything we need in the moment?

Many times messages from our upbringing and society tell us we need more of something to feel better about ourselves – whether it be a more products, more drinks, more food, more money or more companionship.

How many times do these things actually bring us inner contentment and peace?

It’s here in this backyard where the magic of feeling sufficient and transformation happens for me.

This year alone I’ve spent well over 100 hours in this space reconditioning my deeply ingrained beliefs through movement, mindfulness and meditation.

Feeling sufficient to allow space and time for this to happen in the first place has been the foundation of my transformation.

The transformative power of feeling sufficient transcends all consumerist ideals about what it means to be content in today’s society.

This allows you to enjoy success on your own terms, instead of the terms of the powers that be, allowing you to become the biggest planet in your own inner universe. 💖🌌