Day 3 of Enjoying Success: Self care before retreats + vacations

day 3
Settling into a cushy marketing job after college meant keeping up a busy schedule with happy hour mixers, fundraising dinners, volunteering, 5K runs for charity, grand openings for fine dining restaurants…and of course, travel.

On the outside, everything looked great, I seemed well put together.

In reality, my insides were stirring like crazy.

I was an anxiety-ridden working professional with a drinking problem and a thirst for something more….and I believed everything outside of me would be the answer.

Traveling is what I thought successful people did to enjoy themselves but in the bigger picture, it only compounded my anxiety, loneliness…and debt.

Going on trips and retreats sober left me with the same kind of feelings I had before: feeling inadequate, isolated, stressed out and burnt out.

I discovered I needed to recalibrate my mindset and completely recondition my deeply held beliefs about leisure time, socializing, connection, and most importantly…success.

My emotional sobriety needed to be taken care of first and foremost to feel content with my new life.

Now I teach all women, not just those in recovery, the basic principles of emotional sobriety and how to cultivate a healthy support system when you are enjoying your success.