Day 2 of Enjoying Success: Aligning Goals with Vision


“Movements create possibility, and they are built on vision…the most powerful movements have always been built around what’s possible, not just claiming what is right now.”-Tarana Burke

Many high performers set and accomplish goals without a vision and end up achieving a goal then going on to the next one instead of seeking a higher purpose.

This leads to a feeling of decreased motivation, burning out and checking out when we are at the height of our success.

What can we do to avoid this? 

The first step is to create our vision and live by it as we set our goals and positively impact the world around us.

Our vision includes our core values and how we see ourselves impacting the world in a larger sense.

We can think of our vision is what our perfect reality would look like and our mission as our role in how we fit into making that vision a reality.

It doesn’t matter how out there or crazy the vision may seem, or if you will achieve it in this lifetime. What matters is having a vision driving you every single day as you are living or discovering your purpose.

For me, my vision is a reality where all those who identify as women heal themselves and heal the world we live in.

My mission is to ensure no woman has to hit rock bottom ever again to discover her true potential.

Every single one of my daily activities – from work to leisure time – encompasses this vision and mission. My work is my own recovery and recovery is my work. 

As I have gained clarity on my vision and mission, the work doesn’t feel like hard work and I can enjoy the process in a way that feels deeply fulfilling.

I feel I am creating a movement of empowering and healing women within my own created reality.

What is your vision? How do YOU want to impact the world on a larger scale? What can you do TODAY as a small step toward the reality you envision?