About Me:

Hi! My name is Amber Stephens. I grew up and live in Southern California. My favorite colors are pink and purple, my favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine and my favorite food is peanut butter.

I am a….

★ Life Coach, Embodiment Mentor and Motivational Speaker

★ Woman in recovery

★ Feminine Embodiment Teacher-in-Training with Amba Movement

★ Womb keeper for Rite of the Womb

★ Student of the 12 Steps to Spiritual Awakening

★ Proud alumna of California State University, Fullerton

Who I serve

My passion is working with high-performing individuals who identify as women who have it all but feel something is missing.

Why I do what I do:

Do you ever feel like you are watching your life from afar?

Like you cannot control the things going around you?

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself – “how the hell did I get here?”

You were supposed to have it all – the house, the kids , the great job – but you still feel like something is missing.

You ask yourself:

Shouldn’t I be happy? Why do I feel so awful? 

How the hell did I get here?

I know how it feels to be in the shadows of your very own life – I was there.

On the outside, everything looked great.

In reality, my insides felt like they were stirring like crazy.

The truth is I was an anxiety-ridden working professional with a drinking problem and a thirst for something more….and I believed everything outside of me would be the answer.

All the pain from the past would go away if I were to get married to a man.

When that didn’t work, I thought traveling the world and going on adventures would heal my pain.

When that didn’t work, I thought hiking every weekend for three years – nearly 1,000 miles – would heal my pain.

None of it did.

It turns out, what I needed to do was step into my own power to rewrite my old stories into a new one.

I found my power right in my backyard – in the garden of my own mind.


I transformed into a woman who stepped out of the shadows into my true power.

I said yes to…

…my transformation.

…allowing others to help me for the very first time in my life.

…showing up in all areas of my life with vulnerability and courage.

…creating the life I’ve always dreamed of.

Since I said yes to transforming my life, I can show you the way to to say yes to your own transformation.  

My vision is:

A reality where all those who identify as women heal themselves and heal the world we live in.

My mission is to:

Ensure no woman has to hit rock bottom ever again to discover her true potential.

What I do:

➞ Help you make powerful decisions in the moment.

➞ Show you how to change your negative thought patterns through mindset exercises used by top performers.

➞ Offer accountability and motivation during your transformation.

➞ Guide you to unapologetically express yourself.

➞ Encourage practical ways to enjoy success by exerting yourself less and receiving more.

My program consists of weekly phone calls to guide you through fear and worries as you play bigger with your gifts, become who you are truly meant to be in this lifetime and truly enjoy success as it is happening.

Are you ready to come out of the shadows and step into your true power?

I help out all women I come across, no matter what it is that you need. Contact me today: amber.stephens@gmail.com

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