About Me:


Hi! My name is Amber Stephens. I grew up and live in Southern California.

I am a….

★ Professionally Trained Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

★ Certified Feminine Embodiment Teacher with Amba Movement

★ Wombkeeper Practioner for the 13th Rite of the Munay-ki, or Rite of the Womb.

★ Proud alumna of California State University, Fullerton

Who I serve

I work with women who have highly impactful missions and feel ready to take their efforts to the next level.

My vision is:

A reality where all those who identify as women heal themselves and heal the world we live in.

My mission is to:

Ensure no woman has to hit rock bottom ever again to discover her true potential.

What I do:

➞ Help you make powerful decisions in the moment, leading to swifter actions and faster results.

➞ Show you how to change your thoughts through powerful mindset exercises used by top performers.

➞ Offer accountability and motivation during your transformation.

➞ Guide you to unapologetically express yourself.

➞ Encourage practical ways to enjoy success by exerting yourself less and receiving more.

My program consists of weekly phone calls to guide you to become who you are truly meant to be in this lifetime and truly enjoy success as it is happening.

I help out all women I come across, no matter what it is that you need. Contact me today: amber.stephens@gmail.com

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