Taking out the trash with The Public Speaking Mindset

Imagine feeling peaceful as you’re taking out the trash at the end of the day.

A cool breeze around you, birds chirping as you walk to the dumpster.

The trash area is fucking SMELLY but hey, you’re only there for a moment to dump garbage.

Many days the bag felt heavy as a motherfucker.

….but today, it feels as light as a feather.

You hold your nose for a quick moment, fling the bag over then slowly walk away.

You turn & look around, see green grass, blue skies & a peaceful calm washes over you.

You think to yourself….

“I prayed for this. I asked for this. I am SO thankful to finally be free. This feels absolutely AMAZING.”

Deep down, you’ll know you’ll still be tested.

…but it WON’T be like the way it was before.

You know you’ll take even GREATER emotional risks.

….but not the way you did up until this point.

You know the tests you receive, from this moment forward, will NOT mean reaching the depths of darkness, ever again.

You know that the risks you take, from here on out, will NOT require you to go into overdrive like you used to, for the rest of your life.

You feel safe, supported & loved as you’re being divinely guided moment-by-moment through ALL of it.

Now, imagine this being peaceful ALL the time, even when chaos is happening around you & in the world.

When you’re doing laundry.

When you’re at your computer doing work.

When you’re loading the dishwasher & putting away dishes.

This doesn’t mean chaos goes AWAY….

You simply decide to be the calm in the storm, no matter what.

Because you…

  • Have an even STRONGER bullshit meter than you’ve already cultivated through a lifetime of trials & tribulations of being a high-performing woman.
  • Experience an even GREATER level of discernment for red flags in your relationships AND yourself, as you’re working with your nervous system, daily, to nourish yourself through times of high stress.
  • Know your triggers at an even DEEPER level as you hold yours with love & compassion while you serve at your Highest Level in your work.

It’s possible for you.

No matter how long your life has felt the OPPOSITE of this on & off for years.

….because this is exactly what I experience, now, after 20 years of back-to-back toxic characters in my family, work, love life.

This is exactly what I offer through coaching 1:1 on The Public Speaking Mindset.

It’s not *just* mindset work.

It’s a fully embodied experience & journey through dipping your toe ever-so-slightly into the shadows of the underworld…

….& you keep yourself moving toward the light of your purpose.

Showing up with *just* 1% more vulnerability each week on our calls…

….& outside of our calls, speaking your truth to emotionally connect in your work.

Being a living & breathing example of what’s possible for a woman like you.

Who grew up the way you did.

…& went through what you went through.

You think that it took you THIS LONG to get through ALL of the shit — heartbreaks, disappointment, relationship & family drama.

….that it will take you ANOTHER 20 years to get to HERE.

No ma’am.

Simply not the case.


In 2021, I escaped five toxic relationships & environments.

My mom, a former good friend, an ex-boyfriend, housemate, boss.

At any given time in the next 20 years, any 5 of these people would be threatening my life.

…either directly, or indirectly, through the stress I’d put my body through.

It didn’t take me 20 years to do all that.

It took less than ONE year.

That’s the power of The Public Speaking Mindset.

My three-step proven & effective process to be the first woman in your family to truly heal & see 6 figures.

Once you know how to master it, as you do when I walk you through it during our sessions, you’ll have it down for LIFE.

Now, notice what your brain says when it tells you, “I can never be like her.”

“That will never happen for me.”

“People like me NEVER make it out like she did.”

I thought the same things too, just a few years ago.

When I decided….

I can be That Woman.

I can make it happen.

I can make it out alive to thrive & prosper.

Everything changed.

I decided to invest thousands of dollars in a coach who helped me see myself in a bigger, brighter light…

…so I could continue with my purpose of helping women recover from MANY things.

From this place, I hold clean space for my clients.

It is a judgment-free zone.

Bring your tears…or not.

Bring your baggage…or leave it at the door.

No matter what, in our coaching sessions, we LITERALLY take out the trash.

Everything not needed in your life to fuel your purpose of speaking truth to power.

We light that motherfucker on fire & set it ablaze.

Little by little.

A nice slow burn at a turtle’s pace as you fill your OWN cup, bit by bit, on our calls.

Waking up the morning & making a deep impact before your first sip of coffee.

Going to sleep at night knowing money is flowing toward you.

The moment you reach out for coaching on the Public Speaking Mindset…

…is the moment you initiate the intention to make that result happen for you.

You don’t have to do ANY thing extra.

No worksheets, handouts or assignments.

Simply just sit back & allow the magic to unfold as a deeply transformative experience.

I’ll help you take it from there.

P.S. I help you stay committed to divinely guided healing as toxic fuckboys slide into your DMs right before the holidays.

I have a 3 step proven & effective process to making a deep impact & massive profit *as* you heal from past trauma, heartbreak & disappointment.

It’s a simple process ANY woman on a path of healing can master.

You know you’re a good fit for coaching on The Public Speaking Mindset when:

• You’ve invested in your growth in the past 12 months

• You feel you’ve outgrown beginner’s visibility tactics in your business.

• You want to make a deeper impact while working less & having more fun.

Access your application now for my 1:1 coaching program.

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