Breaking away from toxic relationships with The Public Speaking Mindset

When God hears your call for help, angels come down to assist.

The vibration of your voice is sent to the cosmos & like Mrs. Doubtfire….

“Help is on the way, dear!”

When you decide to heal & speak your request when asking a coach for help, the angels of ancestral justice will guide you.

Little by little.

Moment by moment.

I truly believe Christmas 2020 was a breaking away point for me where my angels, who have been watching me for years…

…decided to nudge me even further, as I was willing to hear their call.

After my mom came to my house uninvited on Thanksgiving & I wouldn’t come outside…

…& she proceeded to have to meltdown in front of the house where everyone, including my housemates & their family, could see…

I decided NOT to see her on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, like we’d “usually” do.

I was tired of her putdowns, meltdowns, chaos & drama.

I spent Thanksgiving night in 2020 with all of the lights turned off, doors locked.

Hiding in my bathroom waiting for my mom to leave the driveway.

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done something like that.

I remember praying to God, saying “Never again.”

From there…

I chose my inner peace, my desires, how I wanted to spend my time instead based on divine guidance.

On Christmas Eve, I spent the night alone in my room, resting.

On Christmas Day, I decided to go on a hike to the Baldy Notch.

A 9 mile trek and 45 minute drive away from my house in Redondo Beach.

I have enjoyed MANY hikes by myself, but this was the longest & most remote one I’d done on my own in a few years.

It’s truly a forest adventure, but not mostly gradual long turns uphill with no switchbacks.

I saw my then-boyfriend much later that night, who was on his best behavior, buying me a brand new computer screen for Christmas.

…but deep inside, I knew something wasn’t right.

He’d buy me things, then yell at me when he didn’t get his way….

…or initiate a political argument out of nowhere after he spent hours scrolling through news websites.

Much like my mom, who constantly watched cable news & acted like she was “helping” me financially after pushing me off the emotional cliff.

He’d compliment & flatter me, put down my coaching marketing & sales efforts…

…saying my honest, truth-telling posts made him “uncomfortable.”

Much like my mom, who once told me being around me after I had started my business & was becoming more confident, made her “uncomfortable.”

Now, I didn’t break away from both my mom & him at the same time.

It was a slow, gradual escape.

First, I decided:

– My divine path is more important than my mom & then-bf filling an emotional void.

– My recovery from a lifetime trauma is more important than making THEM happy & doing what they want to do.

So I believed:

– Each time I answer the call to invest in myself through being witnessed, success in my coaching business is inevitable.

– Investing in myself being witnessed is investing in my true recovery.

This is what I did going forward.

– Invested in being witnessed in my recovery, $3k in the beginning of 2021 & $22k toward the end.

– Showed up for coaching calls willing to be witnessed.

– Allowed TONS of space my healing to transpire by going deep into the shadows of deep hurt & pain.

– Rested, napped, hydrated & moisturized more than I’ve done in my ENTIRE life.

This is what I created as a result:

– Courage to walk away from both him & my mom, before she died in June of this year.

– A 6 figure job offer with a nearly 5 figure bonus.

– Moving to a new luxury apartment in a nice part of town.

– $15k in my business where I help women deeply heal & transform their lives.

– $50k in assets after I assertively took over my moms’ estate after her death, stemming from a 6 figure settlement I negotiated on her behalf in 2017.

– Courage to walk away from job when it was becoming apparent it was a toxic environment.

Confident, successful sales calls where clients are sold before they even got on the call.

– Peace, calm, serenity during ANY storm.

– Opportunities to heal at a MUCH deeper level than I could have ever imagined.

I believe my angels were watching & guiding me every step of the way.

That is part of my process.


– The Public Speaking Mindset means allowing yourself to be witnessed in your growth & healing.

The Public Speaking Mindset means investing in your discomfort just 1% more than you did before.

– The Public Speaking Mindset means deciding to take an even greater emotional risk than you did when you were younger.

It means trusting your gut, no matter many times you were burned.

It means allowing yourself to be guided, no matter how many times you got seemingly “off-track.”

It means being seen in both your grief & joy, no matter how many times you felt shame doing so.

Because when you’re coached on The Public Speaking Mindset, you’ll always feel you’re safe, supported & loved.

You’ll decide to move forward from THAT place more often.

Even when you’re afraid, you’ll still choose to align your decisions with loving yourself.

As you speak your truth & share your REAL story.

To compel your angels to offer financial, emotional support through your life’s work.

Every single day.

P.S. I help you become the first woman in your family to heal & see 6 figures without exhausting yourself & burning out.

I only work with divinely guided women who are willing to crack open in the superpower of their vulnerability to have fun…

….both inside & outside of our calls.

Tap this link now for an application to coach 1:1 with me on The Public Speaking Mindset.

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