Living in Integrity & Alignment with the Public Speaking Mindset

One time, I had a client who was not happy with our coaching relationship two months in & she decided to leave.

At first, I was shocked & sad.

As I moved through it, supporting my system along with my actual support system.

I was able to respond in a very deep, heartfelt way. 

It was calm, objective, practical, reasonable & empathetic to her experience & the effect of my behavior.

I applaud her.

The coaching no longer served her.

Since it no longer served her, OF COURSE she would be miserable continuing to coach with me.

She told me my style may work for some people, but it doesn’t work for her. 

She was absolutely correct.

It wasn’t working for her.

That is a fact.

She had started her business swiftly after we began after years of putting it off. 

….& skyrocketed as a popular influencer within weeks.

It was the ENERGY of investing in coaching that worked for her.

Because what we did after that, wasn’t working for where she was at.

And it was becoming obvious in our sessions.

I felt triggered to read her experience at the time & felt blindsided, believing I had done nothing wrong.

But the truth was, SHE was triggered & it was something I had done.

I was gaslighting myself by centering the narrative around what I *wanted* to believe about her & our coaching relationship. 

When I look back, I realized I was trapped in two toxic relationships myself behind-the-scenes.

I wasn’t being honest about my breakthroughs.

I WAS breaking through, absolutely no doubt about it.

I WAS healing, no question at all. 

But not at the level I was coaching her at.

I wasn’t in integrity with my own process. 

Although I was healing & perfectly capable of helping others to an extent, I was in NO place to coach her at the level that I was attempting to. 

I had taken her further than she had actually been ready to go.

As a coach, I *should* have intuitively knew that.

So I made reparations.

I learned.

I grew. 

I left & healed from both relationships I was in where I was going down a dark path of gaslighting to protect myself.

I explored my shadows DEEPLY.

Then, I changed my behavior.

To the extent where my recognition of a co-dependent dynamic was clearly addressed on a call with a client recently. 

My client advocated for herself at the end of two 6 month coaching rounds saying she loved coaching with me, but didn’t want to continue.

I let her know at that point, I was letting go of the dynamic.

I detached from the outcome & had fun on our last call.

I showed her the way her brain works & how she will inevitably move forward with success.

Just like I had done for an entire year during our coaching sessions. 

It was an amazing & beautiful testament to the work we had done together.

It was love & compassion for her in our coaching space.

For the results she received, like breaking away from toxic relationships & experiencing true freedom to speak her truth for the first time in decades.

After 50 years of silence, she spoke out within ONE year of our work together. 

THAT is true, deep prosperity where she will source from, for life.

Soul wealth coming from an endless well of real, embodied abundance. 

This is what The Public Speaking Mindset is all about.

Breaking away from toxic relationships as you heal others with integrity.

Healing from trauma as you make a deep impact from a clean place in your soul.

Making amends inside of your heart with those who have wronged you & making things right with your work as a whistleblower advocating for others.

The Public Speaking Mindset means being the first woman in your family to speak out.

From there, creating thousands of dollars as a woman on your own building your own empire.

You’ll bloom into a 6 figure communicator WAY before you see 6 figures a year.

That’s exactly how you will arrive.

It becomes inevitable.

The more you speak your truth & your REAL story.

From a place where you are healing & healed.

On our calls, you’ll come from that place, no matter where you’re at right now.

As a result, you’ll have fun exploring your shadows outside of our calls.

Knowing you’re deeply supported by your own embrace, always. 

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