Stepping Outta Line as a Thug Ass Bruja Goddess Advocating for Social Change

Don’t be afraid to step outta line as a thug ass bruja goddess advocating for social change.

They said I wouldn’t be able to graduate unless I took a required class ONLY offered during the day.

It happened to be the class you HAD to take to write for the school paper.

I pointed out to the department how messed it was, as voices of working students wouldn’t be heard.
They said, “Too bad.”

So I said, “aight.”

I was laid off from a job a few months later & decided to take a chance.

Scrounged up everything I could from student loans, credit cards & unemployment to be able to go to school for ONE semester without working during the day so I could take the class.

….& I did.

By the end of the term, I hardly showed up.

…as I was too busy chasing down stories as a firebrand journalist.

I received a solid A from the instructor.

The last issue of the school paper; I had a front page story, a feature article AND an opinion column.

I became the most well known muckrackin’ rabblerousin’ journalist to come out of the university.
Impressing the hell outta department heads.

I went on to be praised by local journalists in the game.

Including my citizen agitator hero R. Scott Moxley, who took down the former OC Sheriff.
I caught the eye of the local alt progressive paper OC Weekly.

Started to write for them as an “intern” they called me…

….but I thought of myself as a full-fledged journalist.

So I crossed the line, crumbled up the calendar assignments & ran out to the field.

I knew this was a chance to bring my stories about social justice to light.

My stories led to a hood uprising in Anaheim.

…where half of the city was on fire for days.

I was mentioned on Democracy Now.

Featured on a live broadcast of RT America.

Appeared on a documentary for Al Jazeera America where I openly criticized multibillion corruption of Disney.

They called me a terrorist.

They said I was a “gangbanger lover.”

…but it was all fucking WORTH it.

To give a voice to the voiceless, especially Latino families.

To hand the mic to women of color, black women, immigrants.

To help my people reclaim the word “thug” from hateful white supremacists.

When they say you can’t do something.

Say, “watch me, watch me move.”

When they tell you to stay in line.

Let ‘em know.

You get to draw it.

You get to decide where that line exists.

Claim it.

Own it.

It belongs to YOU.


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