Running ourselves into the ground for success


Why do we think we have to run ourselves into the ground to be successful?

Can we achieve great things AND enjoy it too?

For most of my career, I was going, going, going.

My schedule was so busy, I was never fully present for my engagements.

As a result, I felt isolated and used drinking as a way to cope.

I was stuck in a cycle of negative thought patterns, people pleasing and unhealthy relationships.

Everything looked great on the outside but on the inside – I felt miserable, hopeless and alone.

After I quit drinking, my life completely changed.

Now, I feel more present, grounded and deeply connected to myself in ways I would have never imagined.

BUT it has not been easy.

In my sobriety, I have felt my “old life” tugging at me – wanting to pull me back into negative thought patterns and behaviors.

What keeps me from slipping back is a strong belief MORE gifts of life are on the other side of my fears.

It is an unshakeable belief that I am loved, safe, supported.

My thoughts and feelings, based on these beliefs, create the actions I take and the results I get.

You see, the hard work is not in the actions themselves – it’s adjusting our mindset from our default beliefs.

We run ourselves into the ground when we allow default beliefs to run wild.

We get stuck in an endless loop of fear and doubt, holding us back from taking action aligned with our authentic selves.

Now that I manage my mind, I help women manage theirs.

My experiences have shown me two simple truths:

We don’t have to run ourselves into the ground to be successful.

We can achieve our goals and enjoy it too.

Let’s work together to help you get there.

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