How can you enjoy yourself today?

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I am a Life Coach and I change peoples’ lives.

My job is to help women make better decisions to reach their goals and enjoy themselves as well.

Because of this, part of my job is to enjoy myself as much as possible.

Sure, I’ve had my low points since starting my business earlier this year.

When you’re an entrepreneur, all of your flaws and habits are magnified by a million.

It doesn’t feel good sometimes. In fact, it can feel pretty awful.

As a life coach, I feel grateful to have the tools from my own coach to self coach every day so I can walk the walk of achieving my goals and enjoying my success.

Last month, I completed writing a 10 minute speech with my coach, it took three months and many hours to put together.

So, on a day where my schedule was clear, I took a day trip out to Ojai to visit a beautiful, flowing waterfall.

Since this was a very short walk, I felt like wearing a dress to feel Earth’s energy beneath me, an ancient practice as old as time for women….

…and I enjoyed playing in the waterfall, feeling the cold water on my skin, dancing around and connecting with nature, basking in the beauty of the scenery.

I had been daydreaming about doing this all summer.

There was a part of me that thought I didn’t “deserve” the break – like I hadn’t “done enough” to “earn it.”

This is the voice I’ve learned to accept and be curious about.

Why don’t I feel I deserve it? What exactly do I feel I haven’t done enough of? Is it true – is it real? Or are these thoughts just that – thoughts?

This is part of the process of coaching: Being aware of your thoughts and seeing how they are driving your actions and results.

My new thoughts are: Yes, I have done enough and I will only accomplish more. I deserve it. I have earned the right to enjoy myself simply by existing.

My result? I enjoyed myself.

Now, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated to take on the next challenges life brings.

How can YOU enjoy yourself today?


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