Manage your mind…before it manages you

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Do you ever feel like you’re on autopilot?

Most of us are going going going… .

…. without much reflection on how our thoughts create our actions and results.

With the working grind routine comes an automated way of thinking.

While this helps to get a job done, it can also lead to negative thought patterns getting in the way of our success.

We unconsciously minimize our talents and abilities when we talk to ourselves.

This is how we are by default. It’s how our brains are wired, compounded by cultural programming.

One of my clients had this thought: “I don’t work well with other people.”

However, it didn’t reflect reality at all

We changed it to:

“I overcome challenges successfully every day when working with others.”

Another thought was: “My business partner doesn’t need me.”

We changed it to:

“My business partner needs my emotional intelligence to run the company with integrity.”

This way of changing your mindset transcends positive thinking and gets us to the TRUTH – instead of what our programming wants us to believe.

Our brain is a muscle.

Just as we need to exercise to be healthy physically, we also need to exercise our minds to be healthy mentally

Just as athletes need coaches; so do leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Especially those who identify as women.

During our lifetimes we have developed negative feedback loops and thought patterns from our upbringing, society and mass media advertising.

Coaching is a way to see your thoughts and see through these patterns by receiving support and accountability.

The best part? Having those “a-ha” moments and feeling like you’ve awaken from a slumber.

A client and director of a non-profit recently said: “It’s pleasure speaking with Amber. She is very upbeat and led me to development ideas (for my organization) that I have yet to consider.”

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