Enjoying ourselves as women


There is nothing better than a woman enjoying herself.

Another one of my pillars to enjoy success is to stop asking for permission.

Those who identify as women often feel the need to ask for permission to be in our full joy.

It is our divine birthright to feel joy pulsating through our bodies. …but when we do – we may feel shame, discomfort or self conscious.


We may feel like we are taking up too much space, too much time….like there is something we should be doing instead of enjoying ourselves.

When we allow ourselves to be in our joy regardless of the witnesses around us (or lack thereof), we can feel deeply connected with our innate nature of creativity.

We may not feel joy all of the time – we feel waves of deep pain, grief and loss through the natural ebb and flow of life
We also may feel suffering coming from the intention to take away the natural joy of women.
Violence against ourselves and our sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers; separation, detention of our loved ones; laws formed to silence our voices and take control of our divine bodies.

. …and when we do feel joy, we are taught it must come from adoration or with permission from others.

When we feel joy, let’s allow ourselves to feel it instead of holding back in fear.

Dance under the sun, howl under the moonlight, sing songs from your heart, move your body in any way you are able.

Feel your breath and the power our ancestors still within us as we move through the trauma of our feminine lineages stored in our bodies and collective consciousness.

Enjoying ourselves is an act of subversion; let’s bask in it to disrupt patterns of destruction to create a new world of love and unity instead of one perpetuating hate and violence.


Are you a high performing woman yearning to be set free of the binds of the working grind?

Are you tired of holding back your authentic self and true joy?

Are you ready for a NEW life where you achieve your goals AND enjoy your success?

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