Why Plan B Always Becomes Plan A


Planning for what we will do if it doesn’t work out means we avoid this question: What if it does? 🤔

It feels easy to get caught up in the question “What if…?” – but oftentimes our brains go to the default of something NOT happening, instead of what if it DOES happen.

In either case, we are future projecting and we miss out on what is happening right NOW and the possibilities based on a feeling of belief.

So many times I found myself scrambling, seeking out “creative options” if my plans did not work out.

I always thought I had to have a Plan B, C, D…and so on. So I did.

I thought it was the “right” way because it was the way that got me through.

It worked, my goals were reached (at times, by a hair) – so why fix something that is not broken…right?

What happened was twofold: One, my plans didn’t work out because the time I would have spent making them happen, I spent on making decisions based on a feeling of lack and insufficiency.

Two, Plan B always becomes Plan A. As our thoughts create our actions and results, the plans I made became exactly my reality….instead of the dream plan I wanted

Sure, the scrambling got me through and I thought I felt good about that…but looking back, it got me to straight to Plan B. Always.

This is precisely what is part of self sabotage, rooted in fear based on a lack of belief in ourselves and our abilities.If we make plans based on a feeling of lack and insufficiency, then we are not aligning our Highest Selves.

We let ourselves down. Then we justify it. We say “It could have been worse!”…and we end up with not possessing our truest desires. 

Rinse, recycle, repeat.

After many years of being in the same cycle, I learned how to create an unshakable belief in myself so that I am never planning for my failure ever again.

Now, I teach my clients how to do the same.

How would things change if you planned for your success, instead of your failures? Would you get the results you want NOW, instead of later?

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