Feelings of hesitation before a major breakthrough


When we are on the verge of a massive breakthrough, it feels natural to withdraw, pull away, avoid the feelings and balk at the level of faith in the universe we must have to feel safe, secure and supported.

This faith in the universe is what is needed to bring us a feeling of joy, connectedness and purpose.

So why do we balk at it? Why do we hesitate to have faith and give into fear so easily? Why do we put a hold on our positive beliefs right before the finish line?

Could it be we are too afraid to actually possess all the things we’ve ever wanted? 

As I have experienced uncertainty several times since starting my own business, having faith in the universe is what carries me through.

However, this is something I have been tested on recently in a big way.

I was driving home from a networking event feeling discouraged after a series of disappointing outcomes.

I thought to myself, “Oh my God. This is the point where I usually throw in the towel. This is where I’ve scrambled to feel like I am in control of the outcome. This is where I’ve given into fear.

So what did I do? I leaned into the feeling of fear. I felt it and lived with it without taking any action to feel in control about the future.

Our doubts will always be there but it is a matter of feeling faith consistently enough to break through the barriers of our own minds and conditioning.

What is ONE belief you are having trouble having faith in recently?

Let me know in the comments. 👇

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