Is self-sabotage standing between you and enjoying success?

How does self-sabotage stand between us and enjoying success? 🤔


Self-sabotage is any action that gets in the way of what your intended goal is. It can come in the form of procrastination, numbing, avoidance and minimizing our capabilities.

The truth is we all engage in self sabotage at different points of in our lives – there is no reason to feel shame about it.

The good news? We have the power to turn it around any time.

Self sabotage comes from a lack of self worth or belief, fear of failure and feeling disconnected from our true selves.

It is our negative thought patterns taking hold any time we go out of our comfort zone or if an opportunity is presented requiring more of us than we perceive ourselves to be up for.

It’s those annoying thoughts telling us things like: “You are not good enough.” “You don’t have what it takes.” “You don’t fit in.” “You need xyz first before you can do it.” “You are not qualified enough.”

As high performing women, we hear these thoughts far too often. It reflects in our decisions with partners, friends, career and money.

In the short term, it feels better to be in control of your failure rather than it sneaking up on you later.

In the long term, it hinders our personal growth and prevents us from feeling the positive energy needed to attract the gifts of life.

Feeling this energy consistently is what we work on in our coaching relationship.

Using tools from recovery along with mindset exercises used by top performers, we work together to address patterns of self sabotage and introduce NEW ones of belief, worth and confidence.

One client told me our call made her realize she needed “get out of her own way” so she can enjoy herself, which is exactly what we discovered will help her with her goals.

The more we get out of our own ways – the more power we feel we have in our own lives, the more power we have in our roles in relationships, business, politics and the world stage.

My vision is a world where women are healing ourselves and each other.

We can get there, together, as we break through old thought patterns and step into a new world where all things are possible.

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