Self love is a revolutionary act

We are taught to give nice cards others, but what about to ourselves? 🤔

For most of my life, giving cards to others has sparked a sense of joy – knowing I was offering my thoughts and well wishes to others made me feel good. I loved being the person who was spreading the good energy.

Recently, I realized all the good energy I’ve given others? I need for myself.

So after years of buying cards for others, I bought myself my own damn card and wrote myself a message. 


It was a reminder of what brings me joy: Dancing.

Movement. Music. Having fun.

For the longest time, I felt so disconnected from this joy.

It was there the whole time but I couldn’t access it.

It turns out my belief system was completely screwed up.

Self love is a revolutionary act in opposition to messages we receive from society and ancestral patterns.

As we look inside and see our beliefs about ourselves, many times we find our beliefs don’t match up with our desires.

The thoughts of a belief system based on a lack of sufficiency permeates our every day life.

Our thoughts come from belief systems we may not recognize until someone else points it out.

The good news is: We can change it at any time.

What is powerful about our minds is that we have the ability to rewire our beliefs.

We can change our thoughts so we may create the reality aligning with our inner truth.

If our inner truth is shrouded in fear, shame and secrecy but we yearn for success, fearlessness and confidence – then we have some work to do.

Creating this alignment is what one of my teachers calls “soul surgery.”

This work is continual and doesn’t end – each day our brains want to trick us with old patterns.

It takes saying yes to the new patterns to say goodbye to the old ones.

Our thoughts create our reality.

We take action based on what is going on in our minds

If we want love, we must feel love inside…
If we want success, we must feel successful inside…
If we want to feel whole, we must feel whole inside…

In this very moment, right NOW.

The moment you transcend and move into this consciousness is the moment you change your life.

Are you ready to transform your life and finally ENJOY your success?

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