The key to enjoying success

The gatekeepers to success will have you believe hard work is key when it is the flow that allows us to succeed and enjoy it.

Accomplishing set goals without an overall vision and mission aligned with our higher selves is tiring.
Disbelief in ourselves and our creative power is exhausting.

Distracting ourselves with thoughts and beliefs no longer serving us is what takes away from our attention and intention with our dreams.

For those who identify as women, we have the innate ability to be in the flow to create, connect and deeply enjoy our life.

So why is it we become so convinced hard work is what will bring us success and happiness? 

Why are running ourselves into the ground between hustling, care taking and doing the things we THINK we will be rewarded for? 

We tend to think the paradigm we are working in is the money maker, the success bringer…or the entryway to our dreams.

Our corporate job, MLM business or startup we created in a former life will pay the bills so THEN we can live our real dreams in a future reality.

So many times I hear “Once I do this THEN I can start thinking about my dreams.”

My question always is: Why not now?

What is standing between you and your dreams right now, here in this instant?

The vision of our dreams, the flow of our creativity, the attention we give in our actions toward these – this is what determines if we are set up for success.

Achievements and accomplishments may bring financial abundance, but it is not the end-all.

It is how we feel in the process that determines our level of success, measured by our impact and legacy.

The hard work is deprogramming deeply ingrained thought patterns blocking us from living our true vision for our lives.

In Beyonce’s documentary, you will see the hardest part of Queen Bey’s training for Coachella, or Beychella, was not the dancing and singing.

It was the mindset blocking Queen Bey from connecting her mind with her body. Our Queen finally gets it together once she allows herself to be in the flow.

Queen Bey is all of us and we are all Queen Bey.
As we allow ourselves to be in the flow, we hold the power to be a “magnet for miracles” – as Gabrielle Bernstein says.
We can all be in the flow, make a decision to transform our lives and be accountable for the steps we take toward building the life we want.
The question is: Do we want this change now, or an indeterminable amount of time, in a future that is unpredictable by definition?

Can we build the foundation for our transformation right now?

I say: Yes, we can.

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