I am afraid.


As time goes on, I feel the need to keep telling my story and peeling back different layers.

Every time I tell it I am sharing just a little bit more than before.

Even though I’ve shared more recently online and off, I still feel scared to be vulnerable. I feel afraid how my words can be used against me.

I feel afraid of upsetting my family by shedding light on ancestral trauma.

I feel afraid sharing details will open me up to harassment, judgement or never being taken seriously because of my drinking past.

As a high performing woman coming out of the corporate world, it felt scary to put myself out there not knowing if my story could affect my “professional” reputation.

Since I’ve gone all in on my life coaching business, I keep transcending this fear anyway in hopes I can reach and inspire more people.

I want fellow cycle breakers to know we can succeed, I want to support them in their journeys, I want us to support each other as we make the changes so desperately needed in our society.

My mission is ensure no woman has to hit rock bottom ever again to realize her true potential.

Even though I feel afraid most days to keep exposing myself emotionally – I remember when I’ve seen famous women doing it, like Tarana Burke or Hannah Gadsby.

I see my sisters in recovery doing it. I know it is possible for our stories to make a powerful impact and transform lives.

It is a choice to tell our stories and be vulnerable – a choice between fear and love.

We are faced with making this powerful decision in the moment, every single day.

The longer I’ve hesitated, the longer fear has its way with me. My body will feels it is frozen in a moment in time as indecision lingers in my psyche.

Making powerful decisions in the moment is what has led my body to feel it can take up more space, make bigger moves and create greater expansion for the soul work that needs to be done.

I say yes to transforming fear into love in the moment so I may continue this work and living a life in the light instead of the shadows.

When fear attempts to get in my way, I remember this chant from my activism days: “We are unstoppable, another world is possible.”



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