3 Ways to Know You are Ready for a Transformation


When reading the news this week, did you feel a fire inside you WANTING to take action?

Do you want to help the world, but feel you are too overburdened with responsibilities to make the significant impact you want?

Do you feel like NOW is the time to start living your purpose?

Here are 3 signs you are ready to make a bigger impact in the world:

1. You feel different each day, like you’re meant for something more but you feel like you’re just circling on a hamster wheel.

Nothing is changing, the world is passing you by…but you feel deep down inside you have a purpose greater than what you are doing right now.

2. You start looking at your social life and thinking “What the HELL am I doing?”

Just “going out” and “hanging out” isn’t cutting it anymore.

Your bank account each month agrees.

3. You save or share dank memes joking about alcohol, depression, anxiety, exhaustion – but also inspirational ones about braving through storms, healing emotional pain, self love and being a beautiful unicorn spirit.

You may even take photos on your phone of signs you receive from spirit guides you come across- symbols, number synchronicities, messages from your dreams.

You ask yourself, “Am I receiving signs from the universe?” The answer is YES.

All of these things were happening to me in December 2017.

In January 2018, I said YES to my transformation and continue to do so – for myself and the highest good.

Within 15 months, I completely transformed and now living my purpose every single day.

I make the impact I’ve been wanting to make for years.

FIRST I had to change myself, my habits, circle of influence and priorities. I had to invest in myself.
I needed to show up every single day in my own life and becoming more visible in every single area of my life.

TEN YEARS of documenting social activism and I feel now, more than ever, every single day my impact is stronger and continues to grow.

Saying yes to my transformation allows me to show YOU how to say yes to yours – it takes breaking through your blocks, thought patterns and removing negative influences in your life.

Are you ready to BREAK THROUGH your blocks so you can change yourself and the world around you?

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