Half measures availed us nothing


“Half measures availed us nothing…we stood at the turning point.”

Where have we taken half measures in our lives?

Where have we not used tools laid forth in front of us to commit to a real, lasting transformation?

How often have we said now is just not a good time to truly focus on our self growth?

We need just one more day, one more drink, one more hit…just one more consumption of something, then we’ll be ready.

This leads all of us to a turning point eventually where we MUST transform for our own survival.

This is essential to recovering from any overindulgence in ANY area of our lives: alcohol, food, medication, relationships, work, shopping, video games.

Sometimes we do things half-assed because we don’t know any better, we think we know everything already, or our learning environment was not conducive to the deeper meaning of concepts useful to aid our transformation.

This happens to ALL of us and may be a source of shame.

As we allow ourselves to accept our efforts so far, we open ourselves up to the help we need and the places we need to visit inside for release.

Embodying this openness, accepting help and diving deep into our soul work allows us to say yes ttransforming into the individuals we were always meant to be.

For example, for my sisters recovery, did you know neither the actual words surrender or sponsor are the basic texts of The Big Book and The 12 Step + Traditions?

These two words taken at face value can hold back those who identify as women in recovery in so many ways.

Some may know already, but it likely many of us wouldn’t know this for the same reasons why religious and other spiritual texts are taken out of context:

Can you think of why it would benefit certain folks if we are taught to surrender and emotionally depend on someone else for our recovery, without understanding the text of the Big Book? 

This is precisely where half measures can flourish, in social settings where deep meaning is lost in favor of hierarchy and groupthink in the paradigm of traditional meetings.

Going to meetings feel very hard at first for anyone in recovery, but it’s only part of the work of doing the deep dives and soul searching specifically instructed in the Big Book.

It is the inner work outside of meetings, sponsors and book studies that allows us to recover, transform and experience a spiritual awakening so we may guide others on their recovery journey in this lifetime.

It takes saying yes to our recovery and our transformation.

This is how we recover- this is how we transform. 

This is how we bloom into the women we were meant to become.

yellow flower

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