Timelines as false narratives

How many times have we given ourselves or someone else a timeline to either get something done or make a decision?

How many times has this worked out in our favor?

The most common and forgivable mistake is thinking we somehow have control over the time in which something is “done” – or that we have the authority to say when it is “done.”

Most things in life are continual works in progress, so I challenge this idea of living your purpose will lead you to feeling like you are done, checking off boxes or completing a set goal.

I feel most timelines are b.s. – especially ones imposed by society’s standards of which age or phase in your life you are “supposed” to have or do this or that, such as marriage, children, career titles or degrees.

This is what holds us back from feeling good about where we are at right NOW.

If we have a nagging feeling something isn’t or has to be “finished” – we miss out on feeling complete each moment we are breathing.

Goal setting can be valuable and creating a vision for your future is absolutely necessary.

Milestones and markers are good ways to feel proud of our journeys and enjoy the excitement of not knowing what’s next.

Once we “get the thing” though – are we really done? Or has it just begun?

Looking out on the horizon, is what I want out THERE or INSIDE?

Life moves in continual cycles – this is one of the many beautiful and powerful aspects of the monthly cycles those who identify as women move into.

Now of course, timelines are part of our work and culture – but that doesn’t mean it has to take us over.

When we are attached to a specific outcome, we get caught up in our “future self” that doesn’t exist yet and we miss out on the opportunities presented to us right in front of our faces.

I feel this is what makes the difference between success (movement) and delay of success (stagnance).

The results of your success derive from the way you feel when you are a work in a progress.

This is how we bloom into ourselves and feel good about where we are at right at this moment and the possibility of what could be – this is how we feel like the biggest planet in our own inner universe.

Do you want to enjoy your success without feeling absolutely exhausted all the time?
Are you yearning for your career to align with your inner self?
Are you desiring to feel a closer relationship to yourself and those around you?

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