Embodying Love: What gets in the way?


In my last Facebook Live, I asked co-creators: How can we embody love today, this moment, this instant, this hour?

Here were the answers:

  • Acceptance
  • Being kind
  • Listening to others/lending an ear
  • Empathy
  • Telling someone how much you care and appreciate them

These were all great answers and showed a deep intention to care for others, which I greatly admire.

However, I feel the need to add on to each of them so we can deeply understand what EMBODYING love is versus showing love externally.

Here is the list I came up with based on the above answers:

  • Accepting ourselves
  • Being kind to ourselves
  • Listening to ourselves
  • Empathizing with ourselves
  • Telling ourselves how much we care and appreciate ourselves

One answer I received during the followup live session was MOVING our bodies and to that, I say YES!

Moving our bodies allows us to accept, be kind, listen, empathize and appreciate ourselves: this is the foundation of feminine embodiment. 

So now, the question is: if we know how to embody love, why don’t we?

We need a TRANSFORMATION to happen to lead us closer to embodying love

How can we say YES to this transformation?

Why do we say YES to things that do not serve our transformation? What have we been taught about saying YES to others, instead of ourselves?

When we say YES to ourselves, we say NO to what does not serve us.

As we transform, we create a clearer channel to embody love and share it with others, changing the world we live in and our own inner universe.

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