Saying Yes to Your Transformation


When was the last time you said YES to you?

These days I feel compelled say YES to things that I know will serve me and the highest good – for myself, for my survival as a woman in recovery and for my life purpose.

When we feel committed to a transformation, we find ourselves gravitating towards energy and resources that we know will deeply guide and support us.

When I find it within myself to invest in the help I need, I invest in my purpose – I am in better service to myself and others.

We can either invest in things that support us, or continue to invest in what doesn’t support us.

The question I ask myself is: if I don’t invest in my purpose, then where will that lead me?

Right where I was before – I say “No, thank you” to that.

Ever since I stepped boldly into my truth and said “Yes” to me, my life, my body, my sacred womb space – I can feel the shift in energy flowing through my body and She has thanked me immensely.

I can feel Her beauty and essence residing deep within me as I continue to say “yes” to what will help and guide me to become the best version of myself. 

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