How can we embody love?


In 2019, we are living in an emergency. Our Mother Earth and the living beings on it desperately need us.

If the past few weeks (or years) are any indication, modern society is in urgent need of guidance, moral direction – and most of all – healing.

We cannot afford to wait for someone else to do it for us or wait until the “time is right.”

We do not have the time for any more “relaxing” retreats, getaways on the beach with a drink in hand or going to one more happy hour event where we think to ourselves – “maybe this time my dreams will come true.”

We certainly do not need more any messages making us think we need to be perfect & keeping us believing we need external things or places to make us feel happy and fulfilled.

In the age of social media guiding our narratives, we must show up for who we really are instead of who we think we want to be.

Our survival depends on it.

But if we continue to distract ourselves with ideas, narratives, people and habits that do not serve our deepest needs, desires or the greater good; then what are we really doing, anyway?

What are we distracted by? What keeps some of us from living our true purpose while others move forward with their vision for radical change?

Before the negativity and toxicity of our modern world takes over our minds and bodies for one second longer, let’s embody the change we want to see – this moment, this minute, this instant, right here and right now.

How can we embody this change? How can we embody love?


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