Mentorship and Co-Creation: Feeling comfortable with discomfort


Can we challenge our teachers and mentors?

Is it okay to feel frustrated with information we receive that we do not understand yet?

Is it okay to feel stuck when we are not able to receive the lessons we are told are needed?

Is it it okay for our growth to feel uncomfortable and imperfect as we are blooming into the person we want to be?

Lastly, is it okay when part of our growth “surpasses” the lessons of the very people who teach us?

The answers to all of these = YES!

It is all very natural and part of the co-creation process.

We can help, teach and mentor to the extent of how ready someone is to receive the lessons that are meant for them.

We can also cheer on our mentees when they experience rapid growth, or need more space for that growth.

We all need support on our journeys. We all need each other to co-create the beauty that is life and love. 🙌💓

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