Mentorship and Co-Creation: How can we give back to our teachers?

A few months ago, I experienced a vision of women in a circle with their arms up swaying in the air in one direction, passing energy to one another in a consistent flow.

This vision showed me how healing and learning are circular rather than linear.

I find myself giving back to those who have fearlessly led me on my path of healing and self discovery. It feels wonderful to be a part of theirs as well.

Without these mentors and teachers, where would I be?

Had I not opened myself up to receive the guidance and support, I would have been veered off course from my purpose at the most pivotal points of my journey.

Asking and receiving help have been the hardest parts of my journey and yet the most rewarding.

Now, I can give back to those who inspired me which feels deeply rewarding – to keep the circle going is part of the beauty of the movement of life.


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