A visual journey of women’s mental health and photography

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you will know I have a wide swath of interests and I get very excited and passionate when anything at all comes up about them (also excessively chatty + giddy and RIGHTLY SO!).

I found it hard to centralize all of my interests into one thing- so I have decided to start with myself.

Hi, my name is Amber- I am a photographer and recovering from alcohol dependency, codependency, perfectionism, anxiety, negative self talk, emotional eating and, most recently, a trimalleolar ankle fracture injury.

main-amberWHEW! Now that we got that out of the way, I felt the need to focus on mental health and women photographers. Mostly I am looking for my community, my tribe. I know you are all out there. I am going to find you, pepper you with questions (maybe glitter, too, or heart emojis if we are talking textually), write something up (maybe even take portraits of you, who knows?!)

I want to get your take on mental health out on the field and in the studio, also highlight the amazing women you are.

Women, as I state it, is inclusive of ALL those identifying as women (LGBTQIA) and those who are non-binary. This blog is also inclusive of POC stories, perspectives and narratives. I want to give storytellers from varied backgrounds access to sharing their stories as widely as possible.

As I expand on ideas relating to specific struggles faced by women and non-binary individuals, I have the feeling I will be including cisgendered men and other creatives.

The tragic celebrity deaths by suicide of Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain will be heavily considered as I dive into those depths.  These stories desperately need to be told, as well.

For the time being, I am focusing on what I can speak to personally and amplify the voices that can be otherwise shut out of the usual photography narrative.

I will also be putting out there bits and pieces of my own story, as I feel the need to.

In other words, this blog will be subjective af. I already have a special section in mind that will be dedicated for #trolls only, should they come across the bridge…so #comeatme, I have a special seat deep in the pit of this blog reserved just for you.

I say this because trolls and harassers were part of the reason why I stopped putting my writing online about five years ago.

In recent times though, I have learned what is way more important than trolls or naysayers are our stories themselves.

This is about us– our feelings, our struggles, how we make it through a field mostly dominated by males (for now) and how we can heal together so we can tell the stories that need to be told for others to heal.

I also have a day job in email marketing that pays the bills, but always looking to consult on all matters related to social media/email marketing- contact me at amber.stephens@gmail.com

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